Head Coach Craig Faulkner -- 1998 to Present

2007, 2012, 2013, 2015, 2018

Congratulations Coach! 

Thank you to your family for sharing you with our young men and this program.    Class of 2018 Hall of Fame is well deserved.


Teacher Appreciation Night

Teachers play a big role in our program.  Thank you! 

coaching staff

Top Row Left to Right
Jennifer Watson chosen by Danny Rodriguez, Beth Donofrio chosen by Kevin Dubrule, Principal Eric Jackso standing in for Zach DeBacco chosen by Bradley Miller, Josh Grant chosen by Clayton Callan, Faith Nellis chosen by Sam Ottman

Bottom Row Left to Right
Susan Maas-Lyon chosen by Chason Rockymore, Pam Hudson chosen by Connor Miller, Kendra Westlake chosen by Orion Kerkering, Valerie Fletcher chosen by Tyler Proctor and Craig Faulkner chosen by Hunter Burns.